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The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria

From the Pueblos of
Southwest America

Thank you for your interest in our Native American art gallery and collectible store.
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Pottery Pieces Made With
Love and Respect for Tradition 

At The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria, we take pride in our amazing collection of Southwest Native American pottery. We have both contemporary and historic creations from the pueblos of the Southwest American of the United States. The Beautiful pottery creations that we represent is unique in  Beauty to our Native Culture which blended in as one unique family. People from all over the world travel to the Native Southwest and discover how Enchanting of place New Mexico is and it's unique place in the world. The People and the Pottery in each Pueblo reflect a deep sense of pride in the Spirit of our ancestors preserving a  way and tradition that is timeless!

In fact, we specialize in the RARE Historic Sunrise Chocolate Brown Pottery by the last of Maria Martinez's family Dynasty of San Ildefonso Pueblo and Southwest Pueblos pottery. We are located in Chimayo, New Mexico, but we serve clients from all over the world. Contact us for more information.

Our pottery collection also  includes valuable and beautiful pieces in from Personal collections.

Prices starting $ 250.00 

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 Email us and we will send photos of pieces on the market in your ideal price range.


        "Keeper of the Thunder"

This Giant Buffalo Vase with Bison lid, was hand coiled by Deceased Master potter Gilberto Olivas. It stands 29" tall, It took 8 months to produce. It took 1/2 cord of Cedar, 1/4 cord of cow dung, 1/4 cord of horse manure to turn it from red to black. The chances of breaking in the pit fire is about 80%.

By Gilberto Olivas

Rare and Historic "Sunrise Chocolate Brown" Pottery

In 1978 Maria Martinez's niece Carmelita Dunlap and her son Carlos Sunrise of San Ildefonso Pueblo introduced for the 1st time in history this Beautiful Brown on Brown tone of pottery. Like the Black tone pottery which was 1st introduced in the 16th century, and the Black on Black tone introduced by Maria Martinez around 1917, This Chocolate tone has superseded the black on black with its stunning elegance and ability's to change to different tones of Chocolate from its natural original tone after coming surviving the pit-fire. They actually look like a different piece when a different intensity of light, such as sunlight, evening light change throughout the day.

Only five master potters' history in Carmelita Dunlap's immediate family has held the secret to its process. It has not been shared with the rest of the Pueblo, thus making it some of the rarest and collectible Native American pottery ever! Each potter produced pieces that were unique in a color different from each other, making them even rarer. Only so many pieces by each potter have been made it a particular tone of chocolate, Like a Rare color diamond.

To date these are the number of pieces to survive the Pit Fire, made by the five master potters:

Circa 1978 to date: Total Sunrise Chocolate Brown pottery pieces made.

Carmelita Dunlap( 1925-2000) -------Total, 90 pieces made. 

1st phase 1978 to 1981 total 45 made.

2nd phase 1997 to 2000 total 45 made.

Carlos Sunrise(1958-1981)------Total, 60 pieces made.

1st phase 1978 to 1981

Cynthia Starflower( 1959-2018) 2nd phase 1997approx. 50 pieces made.

Linda Dunlap( 1955-) 2nd phase 1997 - approx. 155 pieces made.

Linda's daughter Shauna Dunlap approx. 45 made 

We only have approximately 15 pieces of "Sunrise Chocolate" pottery left on the market for sale. All other Chocolate pieces are in private and public collections. Here are some.

Email or call for Prices. 

Thank you

 Contemporary and Historic Pottery Collection.

Email or call for Prices.

Thank you

Contemporary and Historic Pottery Collection.

 Sunrise Butterscotch Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Pieces.

Contemporary and Historic Pottery Collection

Email or call for Prices.

Thank you

Jennifer Tse Pe of Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo and Santa Clara Pueblo

Jennifer Tse Pe Green apple slip and red clouds Avanyu Decarved Bowl and Polychrome by Carmelita Dunlap(deceased), Circa 1999

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