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The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria

Custom Rings with Stones

What makes our Jewelry Special at the Rancho Chimayo Collection Galeria is that each piece is Individually handmade, nothing is casted in multiple reproductions! Our wholesale and retail price are most affordable for a handmade original ring, even less than cast reproduction rings!

It's more difficult to work in Sterling Silver than Gold but to combine the two medals is most difficult in Jewelry making. Only a handful of talented Jewelers succeed. Fortunate for us our Native Artist are the Best anywhere! The skill it takes to solder Gold and Sterling together has only been mastered by very few people in any country, a skill that our Native American and Spanish artist have been practicing for centuries in New Mexico and the Southwest. The timing to make the "two medals become one", like a beautiful relationship, is on about 5 seconds for every individual piece. If a ring has10 pieces needed to complete, and in the process of soldering one of those pieces overheats, the entire piece could be reined and the gold and silver in not reusable in the that form. The metals become scrap metal. The piece would have to be reinitiated from Scratch! Crazy, that's one reason 90 % of jewelry are cast into many reproductions, which keeps the cost down, allowing for mass productions.


As a child, Owner/ Director Joseph Sisneros was taught the techniques of portrait art and perspective by his a mother Emelda Teresa Sisneros, who was a painter. Joseph's mother's family settled in San Ildefonso Pueblo in the mid 1750's. Joseph's Great Grandfather Maximo Herrera, had the original trading post in the pueblo close to the Catholic Church from 1880's to his passing in1933 and his great grandmother was a teacher.

His father's family settled in the Chimayo valley in the later 1600's on the same land where his gallery is located today, inside his ancestral home, the Historic Rancho de Chimayo restaurant, where his family had a large ranch, farming Chile, fruit, and other delicious crops and weavings.  

Joseph's parents traveled the world many times over, taking their children with them, experiencing many diverse people and cultures.

 Emelda, having a deep spiritual love and passion for the beauty in nature, art, and the expression of talent that each individual artist uniquely left to the world as a gift to us. Emelda seeking an almost uncontrollable calling to be in the presence of the greatest masterpieces, visited museums and churches in Europe like the Louvre in Paris and numerous churches throughout Europe and Mexico City. She studied with great painters like Ramon Rice and others.

 Joseph's mother shared and taught him her perspective in art, her spiritual connection to it's beauty. Joseph uses his artistic vision that was bestowed on him from his mother and his calling to the arts as a child as well as his education which led him to 2 years of studies in Rome Italy, time in Quebec, Minneapolis, and of course, being a native of Santa Fe, Joseph takes pride in bridging the ideas of his customers with the unique skills, style, and creative vision of each Native Artist that he works with.



             Prices based on size, Gauges, choice of  metals and                                                            stones.  

Custom Handmade Jewelry

There is no limit to your desires!

Wholesale and Retail Prices are based on Size, Gauge, type of Material, and type of stones.


Payment through PayPal or by credit card is a Reservation Spot to get within the 6 week window needed to complete orders. Prices may be less or more than listed. If  cost to produce a ring or buckle for example is less than listed, a credit will be given once the actual Final cost to produce of what you desire is established and vise versa. If we cannot produce a piece upon consultation before order is finalized, a full refund will be given to you or a credit will towards other Fine pieces will be honored as to your wishes. Sometimes one is initiating a piece for a loved one and because of circumstances a piece can't be fulfilled, but the person giving the gift wants the value payed to be applied to some other type of art, like pottery that best pleases the one receiving the gift.

  We will contact you in person to talk about Design, Size, and Specs, and Price. Ask about Promotional Discounts.

If we don't have the Jewelry piece in your size in stock, will make one in

 your size for same price.

Prices may vary based on Cost of the day for Gold and Silver and other materials need to produce Jewelry.