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The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria

Explore the Wonders of
Southwest Native American Culture through Art

Thank you for your interest in our Native American art gallery and collectible store.

Our Gallery Collection includes pieces from other Personal and Private Collectors. 

The Collection For sale dates back to the early 1800's to the Best of Contemporary Pieces in both Pottery, Jewelry, and more

History and Methodology is essential.

Why settle for just anything in life that has no substance? 

Substance in the choices we make, is what makes us!....Sisne,

Like diamonds and precious gem stones, the Value and Quality is not based on the size of the stone but the Quality of the size of the stone that matters. Then add history to the art piece, who created it, and that's when the value increase even more.

 We've seen this for centuries in the art market and other collectibles like memorabilia.

This criteria applies to Native American Pottery and other Native Art Pieces.

 But in the end, What Speaks to One's Heart, no matter the price, is what Matters Most!

Speaking as a Native artist and representative of numerous artists over most of my lifetime, If an artist or collector sells a piece of art for less than expected, consider that a gift. The intrinsic value still remains what it is, because native art is not based on a commodity market like Stocks and bonds, it is based on centuries old culture of the Native people and Passion of the Heart. Collectors pay what they feel for an art piece as they see it's worth to them, The same as investors due in the stock market. The great thing about our market is that we are drawn to something beautiful, intangible, sublime, exuberant, inspirational, intriguing to the Soul, so why hold back?  To hold back on what makes us happy or settle for less when it's just right, and affordable, well.. 

Like everything there should be no pressure in making any decision in life, just making what we think and feel is the best for us and others. We experience this every day in our every day choices. 

Investing in Native Art is to Invest in You! It is to invest in a dying Culture unique in this world. Hopefully attached with a memory in time, a memory that when you look upon the Art piece, it takes you to that special moment and place in your life when you 1st connected and brought that piece to honor and share with others....

Joseph Sisneros/ Sisne

For more information, feel free to contact us

Over 15 Generation of the Best in Tradition and Quality, Jewelry, Pottery, and more

Watch Educational Videos 

or continue to Jewelry and Pottery for sale.


Interview of Owner Joseph Sisneros and Master Potter Linda Dunlap of San Ildefonso PuebloON TV "show Hometowns and Heros" with Rebecca Blackewell

Click Here to watch video 

Interview of Owner Director Joseph Sisneros on TV Show "American Dreams Latin Souls" with Don Daniel Ortiz on YouTube

Click Here to watch video 

A short film on the Great Maria Martinez and Popovi Da

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CLICK Button to see beautiful Video of the Great Maria Martinez and Popovi Da demonstrating the process to produce Hand-coiled Pit fired pottery using Century's old techniques.

Our Potters today produce pottery in the same Ancient techniques.

Collector’s Dream

The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria is an art gallery and collectible store that aims to promote and preserve Native American culture, by providing jewelry, pottery, paintings and amazing items to collectors over the past 40 years. We hope to educate more people about the wonders of Southwest Native American culture and history through the arts.

We have been honored to guide and help new customers learning about our Southwest Native American art and culture for the 1st time. We have worked with Portfolio Managers working to better their clients more diversified, University Grad Students in learning history and methodology, and Collectors from all the parts of the world.

If you are in our vicinity, Come Visit  our Main Gallery location at the Historic Rancho de Chimayó Restaurant and eat at one of the Greatest Native New Mexican Restaurants in the United States, A James Beard Award Winner!!

 Hwy 98, 300 Juan Medina Road on High Road to Taos. 

We are based on Chimayó, New Mexico, but we serve customers from around the world. Contact us today and we will personally talk to you about our expansive collection of Native American Art Collection for sale. Call us at: (505) 351-4455, (505)-988-4526.

Pieces can be purchase through PAY PAL or by credit card by phone.

Lifetime Trade Policy

Because of the Historic and Monetary Value of the pieces. We honor a life time Trade of your piece purchased for an equal value piece that is available in our Gallery Collection!  This is part of our Preservation Policy that dates back to trading post days in my family going back to the 1800's.

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About Our Business

Through our art gallery and Online store, we want to honor the dynasty of the great Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo and all Native Artist from the Southwest. This also includes the great Carmelita Dunlap and her family, the inventors of the historic and rare Sunrise Chocolate Brown style of pottery. We Currently are featuring, Linda Dunlap and her Shauna Dunlap. We also specialize in pottery from all Pueblos of the Southwest United States.

We  honor some of the greatest Native Jewelers and Designers as well.

Our Pieces are Handmade, One of a Kind, Authentic in Execution and Methodology in Centuries old means of Production! 

We also feature Master Jewelry make Alvin Monte and other great Jewelry artist. All pieces are individually hand made, no casted molded reproductions.

A Message From Our Owner 

“I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the thousands of patrons who have purchased our beautiful pieces in the collection over the last 40 years and have taken part in the preservation of our Native American and Spanish culture through the arts. I have been privileged to have represented many of the most talented Native American and Spanish artist in the Southwest. 

Being native myself, my family settled in San Ildefonso Pueblo in the mid-1700s and settled in Chimayó in the late1600s. I've been part of this great cultural industry my whole life. I was raised in both the restaurant and gallery business since I was 12 years old. I've have been able to share my passion for the native arts with all buyers and educators and anyone who has been able to give their time to listen and share.”

- Joseph Sisneros, Owner/Director

Mission Statement

The Rancho Chimayó Collection Galeria aims to inspire people to pursue their passions and find happiness in life. Understand what brings joy into your life and do not be afraid to seek it.

Handmade Crosses with gem stones with Native designs or w/o. Made in mixed medals of 14 karat gold and sterling silver. Inquire for more pictures. 

Prices between $ 250.00 and $ 995.00, 

$ 1,000.00 and $ 2,500.00

Check Out Our Gallery Collections